Effol Friend-Snacks Carrot Sticks, 1,1 kg

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Multi Languages Effol Friend-Snacks Carrot Sticks, 1,1 kg
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Natural reward for good friends.

Good friends deserve a reward. At best one that they not only find tasty but that also benefits them.Effol Friend-Snacks are produced from healthy grain with a lot of fibre, vitamins and minerals. A hint of sugar-cane molasses makes them really tasty and various natural flavours ensure variety.Effol Friend Snacks are the nicest way to reward your four-legged friend.Supplementary feed for horses and ponies.

Technical description:

Analytical ingredients and contents:crude protein 9,9 %, crude oils and grease 3,0 %, crude fiber 11,2 %, crude ash 11,5 %, calcium 2,8 %, phosphorus 0,65 %, sodium 0,04 %.Additives per kg:Nutritional additives:98.00mg iron (E1) (iron (II) sulphate, monohydrate).Ingredients:42,5 % wheat bran, 15,6 % barley, 21,6 % bran from oat peels, 4,8 % maize, 7,3 % calcium carbonate, 4,9 % sugarcane molasses, 2,8 % carrot marc, dried, 0,1 % dried carrots.Variations in the proportion of pre-mixtures in the formula account for the difference to 100 %.Liability only applies when goods are stored hygienically in a cool, dry place away from sunlight!.

Usage instructions:

Feeding instructions:3-6 Effol Friend-Snacks Carrot Sticks per horse and day as a treat during training and for in between.

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