Blue Hors Skinhealer 300 g

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Anti-bacterial and softening ointment which effectively fights crusts and scarring. Skin Healer has a magnificent effect on dermatitis when massaged thoroughly 1-2 times per day.


  • Anti-bacterial wound ointment for treatment of non-infected wounds
  • Ointment with softening and healing effect
  • Prevents formation of scars

Technical description:

Ingredients EU:Petroleum Jelly, Cod liver/Fish oil, Zink Oxide, Methyl Salicylate, Lanolin, Chloroxylenol, Colour CI 61554.

Usage instructions:

User instructions: Sores: Apply a thin layer on the scab/skin abrasion. Grease heels: Thoroughly massage a good amount of Skinhealer into the scabs 1-2 times daily. The specific area must be completely dry. Should not be covered/bandaged. Infected sores/grease heels require treatment from a vet. Stored out of the reach of children. NB! Waiting period. Do not use later than 96 hours before the competition.

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