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Mink Horse

Mink Horse

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Mink Horse of Denmark offers a wide selection of sophisticated, trendy products for horse and rider with a modern, edgy touch. These creative products have new, stylish details to please today’s fashion-conscious rider. Founded in 2011, Mink Horse has been expanding rapidly to offer unique items to the global equestrian world. When Mink Horse began, it’s goal was to offer comfortable, high quality breeches designed for many body types and to provide extreme comfort as well as trendy style. Since beginning their web shop in late 2012, Mink Horse has quickly expanded to offer a full range of elegant items for the stylish equestrian.

Although breeches were the first product from Mink Horse, they continue to be the mainstay of this brand and are offered in styles and fabrics to please all. Gorgeous full seat breeches with a silicone print seat include patterns such as stars and other unusual graphics rarely seen elsewhere. The Mink Horse Equestrian Star breeches with power grip are a smart option for style as well as functionality. The designers at Mink Horse have combined art with style and comfort and ease with these fun breeches in bright colors such as red or classic navy, black or dark elegant gray options.

Mink Horse style on the saddle pads such as the Mink Horse Mm Air with ultimate ventilation, comfortable memory foam padding and an anti-slip design are tasteful and trendy and available in gorgeous colors such as deep forest greens and deep metallic aluminum.

Bright, shiny, rhinestone covered browbands including European flags such as Iceland, Austria or Finland and more are created with colorful crystals to show off your patriotism while adding a touch of sparkle to your horse’s head. These beautiful browbands pair nicely with many bridles and are a subtle way to dress your horse to support your country and show off your national pride.

Mink Horse has a complete line of blankets, exercise rugs and sheets to match the saddle pads and other accessories in this line of modern day equestrian items. These blankets are created with the horse’s comfort and safety in mind and are available in sizes and styles to cloth any horse in your stable.

Mink Horse leather-lined half chaps offer protection with style and are lined with their signature red lining in a soft micro-suede for cool comfort. Mink Horse stable and work boots too are lined with red for an unmistakable look. The durable construction of all of the Mink Horse boots are created to last and look amazing in the process. The tread on the soles of their boots will keep you from slipping on the ground and the boots will offer optimal support in the saddle.

Mink Horse is an elegant choice to dress rider or horse. The materials, designs and construction of Mink Horse products are created with incredible quality and made to last for years. Horze is proud to offer Mink Horse items in their extensive inventory of premium quality products for the educated equestrian.