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Back on Track Rug Excercise

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Back on Track Rug Excercise


Rug Misty has a filling for extra warmth and a water resistant outer. It is often used by competitive riders while warming up, and by outdoor riders during the winter. This model has an excellent fit.

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Schöne Decke...

Hält schön warm, aber die Passform ist nicht optimal. Wir haben alle Decken in 125 cm. Diese Decke sitzt aber sehr knapp und hat hinter dem Sattel zu viel frei. Auch ist es mit der Befestigung sehr schwierig.

Another Great Exercise Rug!

This is another great exercise rug made by Back On Track! I have the other exercise rug that has the fleece. I love both of them! They both do a great job with protecting my horse when warming up in the cold weather of Maine. I would recommend either or even both to anyone!