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Scharf Scharf Freedom Western girth

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Colour: Black
Black Scharf Freedom Western girth
Size Chart
Size EU US & UK
40 40 cm 16"
45 45 cm 18"
50 50 cm 20"
55 55 cm 22"
60 60 cm 24"
65 65 cm 26"
70 70 cm 28"
80 80 cm 32"
90 90 cm 36"
100 100 cm 40"
110 110 cm 44"
120 120 cm 48"
130 130 cm 52"
140 140 cm 56"
150 150 cm 60"

Girths are measured from center of buckle to center of buckle.

To measure the length of the girth you need, start with placing the saddle pad and saddle on the horse. Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the middle billet hole on one side of the saddle to the same position on the other side. The tape should be placed about one hand’s width behind the horse’s elbow. This measurement equals the size of the girth. As saddles have different sizes and strap lengths, it may be necessary to measure for a new girth if you change your saddle.

To switch between short (dressage) and long girths, add or subtract about 20 inches (51 cm) respectively.

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The exclusive and patented design of the SCHARF Freedom Girth, was designed such that each part of it, work with a particular muscle of the chest without interfering with the free functioning of the other muscle. The girth works independent accompaniment of the intercostals muscle, right and left, independent accompaniment of the pectoral muscle, advancing and receding and also independent accompaniment of the pectoral muscle, going up and down when the muscles change shape. The elastic allows the elasticity in the cartilaginous junction of the intercostals facilitates the articulation of the rib cage allowing an unforced expansion. The girth has maximum air circulation. The contact in segments on the horse of the SCHARF Freedom girth, allows to circulate air and eliminate sweat. Through the anatomical form there is no pressure, but optimal space at the sternum and elbow. The girth may be used for sensitive horses. SCHARF Freedom girth is unique, it’s revolutionary concept makes it the first girth on the market that works inter muscularly. It’s extreme articulation is so evident that it is capable of folding itself so that it is easier to transport and such that is does not occupy place. SCHARF Freedom girth is a patented and manufactured in Europe with high quality materials in accordance with European Community standards. This product focuses on the quality of life for the horse and it’s quality will allow you to use it for many years. The saddle is safe on the horse while the horse has the optimal freedom. 100% soft smooth leather. The girth is cleaned with leather care products. The Freedom Girth is the only girth with an integral structure within itself of high resistance, manufactured with non-deformable polymer fi­bers.This material works as an internal body without cuts or stitches to make it so strong that it is virtually impossible to break.The strong synthetic fi­ber (750 kg force resistance for the Dressage and Icelandic Horse models and 1500 kg force resistance for the Jumping, Eventing and Western models) runs from one end to the other covered by premium leather for optimum elegance and quality, joining and articulating each of its parts. This material is of latest generation, used in extreme force sports (climbing, navy moorings, air sports, etc.), is approved by the European Security Norms and has a certifi­cate of inspection in force.

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