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Horse Rug Accessories

Horse Rug Accessories

Horse rugs come in all shapes, colours and sizes and require a wide range of accessories. At Horze you will find everything you and your horse need, from horse rug holders, rug straps and replacement fasteners to rug extensions. We also have a selection of chest and shoulder guards in our collection.
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Storing your horse rugs

Finding a good place to store that horse rug is a problem we are all familiar with. With a length of 165 cm and a filling of 300 grams, that's a lot of rug to store. However, you want to store your great new sweat rug safely, whether you need it every day or want to stow it away for a longer period of time over the summer.

There are several options for this. You can attach a rug holder to the stall door, or a holder with several arms for hanging several horse rugs at once. Depending on the conditions on site, you have several options to choose from. If you don't want to attach a holder for your horse rug, a storage bag might suit you best.

Replacement parts for your horse rug

Sooner or later, every horse will damage a horse rug. The leg cords can break, the breast fastener may be torn off or the belly straps can mysteriously disappear. With our range of replacement parts for horse rugs, you will be able to repair your horse rug yourself. Renew the girth, replace torn leg cords, and even patch up holes to extend the life of your favourite horse rug.

You can also find accessories for your horse rug at Horze. For a better fit, you can insert a chest extension into your rug and thus provide additional comfort for your horse. You can also add a belly bib. For even more comfort you have the option of adding a shoulder guard.

With the horse rug accessories in the Horze range, you are well equipped for cleaning, using and storing your horse rugs.