Walker Rugs

Walker Rugs

Horse walker rugs from Horze allow unrestricted movement for your horse while providing it with optimal protection from the elements.
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Horse walker rugs for safety and protection

If you are lucky enough to have your horse benefit from a horse walker or even a treadmill, you can protect it during this training session with horse walker rugs from Horze. This type of rug is designed to give your horse maximum freedom of movement, while at the same time offering a safe, secure fit. 

A walker rug for every season

Horse walker rug choices vary between season. In summer you can simply use the fly sheet version. During bad weather you can keep your horse warm and dry with a waterproof or lightly lined walker rug, rather than having to give up training in the horse walker or on the treadmill.

A horse walker rug is a rather thin rug that is designed to protect your horse's back and kidney area. At the same time, the cut of the rug ensures that your horse can move freely. If the horse exerciser is covered, the rug only needs to protect against draughts. In addition, the horse exerciser rug can keep flies away.

If the facility is outdoors, the rug should be wind and waterproof. It is also important that the rug is breathable, because your horse will likely sweat in the horse walker. A rug with a fleece lining can be used in winter for extra warmth. In any case, you must make sure that the rug is properly fitted. The size is indicated in the same way as other horse rugs.