Sweat Scrapers

Sweat Scrapers

Sweat scrapers are a must when washing your horse and help brush excess water out of the coat. Always have several sweat scrapers on hand to help your horse dry off quickly.
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Horze Maddox Leather Handle Sweat Scraper
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Maddox Leather Handle Sweat Scraper

RRP: €9.95
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Karlslund Sweat scraper


Sweat scraper

Horze Monster Sweat Scraper Horze Monster Sweat Scraper
RRP -14%


Monster Sweat Scraper

RRP: €6.95
Available now
Sprenger Sweat scraper


Sweat scraper

Wahl Sweat Scraper


Sweat Scraper

Wahl Shedding Scraper


Shedding Scraper

Horze Corrugated Sweat Scraper with Buckle
RRP -11%


Corrugated Sweat Scraper with Buckle

RRP: €8.95
Finntack Smooth Sweat Scraper


Smooth Sweat Scraper


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Sweat scrapers are perfect for wiping away water or sweat

Use sweat scrapers to make washing your horse a breeze. A sweat scraper wipes off excess water and helps speed up the drying process. By wiping off excess water, you reduce the risk of your horse catching a cold by drying faster. A simple metal scraper does the job, or choose one of the new one-handed sweat scrapers with a rubber tip that can be used gently on the legs and sensitive areas.

Help support the natural shaking process with a sweat scraper. Remove sweat, water or loose hair with the serrated blade and make grooming your horse a breeze. Loosen the hair with a curry comb and gently pull off loose hair with the fine teeth of the sweat scraper. Sweat scrapers can be used one-handed. This works well on large areas, such as the torso and belly, thus significantly reducing the amount of grooming required.

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