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Back on Track Black Diamond Mesh Rug

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Back on Track Black Diamond Mesh Rug
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Back on Track Black Diamond Mesh Rug


Our stunning newcomer; Black Diamond. Improved version of our ever so popular Mesh rug Mia closure and Mesh now as strengthened version. Ideal for stable but can also be used for turnout as its made of durable textile with Welltex® effect. With Surcingle’s, tail fl ap with design of the most perfect fi t ever.

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Very small fitting Rug

The rug is well made but I found it very short in the depth, my horse's belly shows and he's definitely not got a large tummy. The neck on this rug is very restrictive and I think it will cause rubbing if worn for long periods. Unfortunately I couldn't return this item (too much money to send all the way back to the Netherlands) or I would have.

Great for skinnies... Not if your horse has a chest!

I was recommended this rug by my Physio and Osteopath due to various back issues. I was pretty skeptical, but the reviews are fabulous. I have to say, my horses back feels much softer, and he is happier being brushed over his back where he was reluctant previously. The length of the rug is good, however the chest fittings are very tight. The way they are stitched make them very tight over the shoulders. I even went up a size, but had the same issue. I like the rug, it has helped but the sizing could be better.

Great products terrible fit

I love back on track products and the idea of this rug is great. Keeps the horse really warm and I do feel I notice a difference of the horses way of going. However the fit is appalling, it has a double chest which is fiddly to do, the darts down the chest make the rug quite small and it has rubbed by horses shoulders bald. I'm not sure that even going up a size would help. Ended up selling the rug on eBay.

Great rug. Poor fit

I love back o track product but this rug fit is appalling. I purchased a 135cm for a 6ft horse and it was so tight is rubbed her shoulder bald and has been sold on. I would like another one but going up to a size to fit a 6,6 horse ??? For a horse that's in other 6' rugs. Got to be an issues with manufacturing and design.

Små i størrelsen

Bestilte dette dekkenet i str 135cm. Back on track teppene har alltid vært kjent for å være veldig store i str. Men 135cm i Black Diamond utgaven var som ett 125cm dekken! Jeg måtte returnere det og bestilte 155cm til min varmblodstraver. Han bruker normalt sett str 140cm i f.eks Amigo dekken. Men bortsett fra at dem var små i størrelsen er dette det flotteste dekkenet fra Back on track. Sitter mye bedre på bogen, uten å klemme på skuldrene. Samt bedre kvalitet på ytterstoffet, samt ser mye penere ut!

Veldig små i strl

Kjempeflott dekken, men er små og smale. Min lille smale kaldblods, som vanligvis bruker 135 i stall dekken, må ha 155 i dette. Passer nok perfekt til bittesmå og smale hester, men har du stor hest tror jeg neppe dette er dekkenet for deg, desverre...

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