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Cat snacks

Cat snacks

Cat treats are the perfect reward for your favorite kitty. Give you friend a tasty cat snack during play or as a quick treat as you leave him for the day and show your love.
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Cat treats are a nice reward for your feline friend.

Cat treats make playtime fun and encourage bonding with your kitty. Offer cat treats between meals or during play for a special snack. Cat treats come in flavors to appeal to every kitty’s taste and can be a good reward for using the scratching post or litter box.

Cat snacks are made with real ingredients and offer a tasty treat between meals.

Cat snacks can be used as a reward or special treat during playtime or bonding. Add a healthy cat snack from Horze to your cat’s daily diet and provide a tasty treat with added vitamins and minerals. Cat snacks made from natural ingredients are a good way to share love and bond with your kitty while offering him a between meal snack.