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Uvex Riding Hats & Helmets

Uvex Riding Hats & Helmets

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Uvex riding helmets

Safety first under all circumstances! Whether you are in the riding arena for dressage work, out show jumping or cross-country, as a professional or recreational rider: a riding helmet should always be your companion. And not just any helmet, but one that fits and is fastened correctly, because this is the only way to really protect your head in the event of a fall. But not only should the helmet fit, you should also feel comfortable wearing it. Riding helmets from Uvex have a wide range of extra features that make your riding helmet as comfortable as possible, even in the hot midday sun. 

Uvex - safety meets innovation

Uvex is always working to combine maximum safety with comfort and great design. All riding helmets comply with the current safety standard, and some models such as the Uvex Exxential Mips or the Uvex Elexxion Tocsen have additional safety features. All riding helmets from Uvex can be adjusted via a turning wheel on the back, so that the helmet fits tightly and cannot slip out of place. In addition, the chin strap is adjustable in length and softly padded. Make sure that the closed strap cannot be pushed over the chin, otherwise the helmet could slip in the event of a fall. Another aspect of riding helmets is the ventilation, a well-ventilated riding helmet is especially comfortable to wear in summer. Last but not least, you should of course like your riding helmet. At Uvex you can choose from different helmet shapes (more round or more oval), as well as between shiny, matt or velour leather look. If you are more daring, you can go for modern colour block models or glittering riding helmets decorated with sparkling crystals. Other special extras that certain models like the Uvex Suxxeed have are an antibacterial and washable inner lining or the ponytail cut of the Uvex Exxential, through which you can pull your ponytail. 

Time for a new Uvex helmet

You should get a new helmet as soon as possible after a fall, but even a high-quality helmet that has never been in a fall should be replaced after eight years at the latest. With the large selection of great riding helmets, it should be easy to find a new Uvex riding helmet with us, and you'll be spoiled for choice in terms of features and design.